You can’t manage time

Consider this, if I asked you for an inch, wouldn’t you have to ask me, “An inch of what”? Yet when people
ask you for a minute, do you ever ask them, “A minute of what?” No one does. Why?

The reason is, there is a presupposition in the question that, we all know we are talking about a chuck of
a person’s life. Furthermore, we have all agree on what each size means, seconds, minutes, hours, days,
years and decades.

Neither do most people ever stop to think about the absurdity of the phrase “Time Management.”

Time is a management system. The reason we never ask,” A minute of what?” is because it only
manages that one thing, chunks of our lives so there is no need to clarify.

Albert Einstein said, “Time has no independent existence of it’’s own, it is merely the way man manages
the events of his life one after the other.”

Therefore, we can’t manage time. The best we can hope for is to, as Einstein so aptly put it, “…manage
the events.”

The great news is, although “Time Management” is an unattainable goal, Event Management is virtually
all within our control. And, as such give us the power to shape our own destiny.

Imagine you wake up one morning and God is sitting at the foot of your bed.

He says, “ I came to give you something.” and he hands you a bucket.

He says, “This is your day. It is my gift to you because I love you. You can fill this with whatever you want.
Remember, I gave you free will. And, at the end of the day, whatever is in your bucket is yours to keep. I
do have a recommendation though. I suggest you ONLY put things in your bucket that get you closer to
the life of your dreams.

He pauses, “I can’t guarantee I will have any more of these for you, but I do have this one. It’s special. I
made it just for you. Enjoy your day” and the He disappears.

Every breath is a gift. Every day is filled with 60,000 breaths, every one a blessing. Are you using them
every one of them to move closer to your dreams? Do you even know how to do that? If not, don’t you
think it is about time you figure that out and stop squandering the gifts on things that are not getting you
closer to your dreams. Do you know how many years, days, breaths YOU have left?

If you would agree that it is a good idea to invest your money in ways that give you the highest Return on
Investment (ROI) isn’t it infinitely more important to invest every day to get the highest ROI. You can
make money, lose it and make it back again (I have done all three and in case you are interested I like it
better WITH the money) however, once your waist even one minute it is gone forever.

It is impossible to optimize the investment of your time without a Life Plan. When you execute excellently
on your Life Plan you maximize your ROI because Vision without Action is self-delusion.


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