The “Secret” to Success – old

In 1908, two men met and the world was changed forever.

This story begins in a very ordinary way. A boy grows up in the backwoods of Virginia. His father is a coal
miner, he has a younger brother and his mom dies when he is eight.

He and his brother want to become lawyers, but of course, there is no money. When he reaches high
school, however, he realizes he has a knack for writing and is hired by a local newspaper.

He decides to write an article about someone successful and somehow secures an interview with Andrew
Carnegie. Carnegie, at the time, 78 years old, is the richest man in the world and the world’s first

What was supposed to be a three-hour interview turned into a 3-day interview at the end of which
Carnegie said to the young reporter, “I want to hire you to do a job, it will take you more than 20 years to
complete and I am not going to pay you.” Shockingly the reporter replied,” Not only will I take the job Mr.
Carnegie, you can count on me to complete it.”

“I like the way you answered that you have the job.” said the great Carnegie.

He went on, “We have a problem in this country. People are working too hard making a living and they
have no time left over to design a life. Men like myself know how to make lots of money. If you will
interview the people I introduce you to, the way you have interviewed me, you will learn our secret to
success. Then you can write a philosophy of personal achievement that can be given to the common man
because they don’t have the time to figure it out themselves.”

After interviewing and studying the lives of more than 500 of the most successful men in business,
politics, education, and religion during the Industrial Revolution, Napoleon Hill published his findings in the
runaway bestselling book Think and Grow Rich. It is the consummate work of it’s kind and is based on
the largest body of empirical research on the subject of Success.

And yet, it is a philosophy. As you may know, philosophy, by its nature simply offers truths. Seldom does
it offer much in the way of application.

That is where The LifeWorks Life Mastery System comes in. It is a simple but powerful 3-Step System
that allows for the application of the philosophy.

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