Tracka’book™ Free +Shipping Funnel

If you buy any of the LifeWorks Tracka’Books™ then this funnel is perfect for you in the following ways (view sample funnel):

  • It’s designed for you to recoup your book costs
  • It’s designed to capture people on your email list so you can market to them
  • It’s designed to capture phone numbers so you can follow up with potential prospects about the LifeWorks opportunity

Here’s is how we link the funnel to your business…

  • We transfer the built funnel over an account you setup in your name that costs $9 for a year (this is where your funnel is hosted)
  • We link your funnel up with an email marketing system like Mailchimp, Aweber, etc. so when people request their book you will capture their email and can trigger an email series to market the LifeWorks opportunity.
  • We link these forms to contact you of a new book so you can ship the book to the person who just paid for shipping
  • We link your payment system to receive the shipping costs for the book so you know someone has paid the shipping and you can now mail it to them
  • We will add a custom video to the home screen if you want to personalize your funnel or we will use a generic video.

We will also provide a training call on how to use this funnel and advertise it so you can drive traffic to your funnel.  We recommend you charge enough to cover the mailing cost, the low cost of the book and the time to mail it out. 

This is a solid marketing plan for getting books into people’s hands, driving traffic to your affiliate link in the app, and it end up being a zero-cost marketing tool.

NOTE: You can get this funnel FREE if you order 500 Tracka’Books, or 50% off with 250 (more info)