Marketing Tools

This page shows a variety of marketing tools you can use to promote LifeWorks and build your team and income through the LifeWorks referral program. These are some of the branded tools we have partnered with Robert Evans and his app and publishing company. 

Currently these tools are being offered as discounted pre-order, for a limited time, so take a look below at what’s available and then choose the options or packages you want to use to promote your affiliate account with LifeWorks. If you have any questions please email Robert directly at

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This viral marketing Tracka’Book is written by Don Cote and introduces the LifeWorks system and links the book to the app and to your “tracking code” that links to your affiliate code on the site.  This is the most effective tool for promoting LifeWorks using a hand-out item and the app combined.  Taking discounted pre-orders until February 21st with orders shipping first week of March.

Free + Funnel
For the Tracka'Book

If you decide to use the LifeWorks book as a tool then this is a perfect online companion tool that not only gets the books into people’s hands and recovers your book costs but it builds you a list, gets you phone numbers of people you can contact and allows for additional direct marketing beyond the book itself. 


We have designed two very inexpensive inspirational cards that you can give away or even sell that drive people to the app to track the card, which also promotes your affiliate link when they do.  Since the cost on these cards is so low, especially with a discounted pre-order, we recommend you all use this tool.  

Leadership Directory
Vol. 2

Not only is this a way to promote your affiliate code in LifeWorks but this directory is primarily designed to promote your business and message directly.  This next volume of the Leadership directory features you as one of 25 leaders sharing your business and a leadership message you offer readers PLUS link the readers to a special offer screen in the app where you can promote anything you want from your business.  This will also mean we list you in the app in the Directory section. There are many benefits to being in the directory… click for full details.