Increase your motivation

Achieving Financial Success

Where does motivation come from?

Notice that the root word is motive. This is the “reason” why you desire a thing.

Is just having a reason WHY you want something enough to keep you motivated long enough to reach the
goal or the dream, the object of your desire?

The answer is, perhaps.

If the fire of your desire is intense enough, of course, nothing will stop you. Yet, more often than not, I have noticed for myself and my students, there are many things we want to achieve and we know we should, but we lack sufficient motivation.

I have observed and tested the following idea over the course of many years, with many people and found it to be true.

The idea is this…there are three components that, when all in place, dramatically increase one’s motivation and even persistence. If one or more is missing, however, motivation will almost always go to zero and often cause depression. The reason for this is fear. I’ll explain the three components and how they can help you overcome the sometimes paralyzing fear that threatens stop all of us from reaching our goals and making our dreams come true.

First, here are the three components:

  1. A motive or reason why you want the object of your desire.
  2.  A flawless plan you absolutely believe will achieve the goal, dream or desire,
  3. Completely believe YOU can carry out every step of the plan. In other words, total

The only cure for fear is knowledge in action. When we are unsure how we will achieve what we want or we are insure WE have “the right stuff” it leaves room in our minds for fear, uncertainty, and doubts to creep in. When our mind is totally filled up with our vision of ourselves moving through the steps of our plan with ease and grace there is simply no space left for fear, uncertainty or doubt.

If you have ever wondered why you were unmotivated to take action or remain diligent until you reached your goals, perhaps now you have a little more insight.

If you would like a step-step system for:

  1. Stoking the fire of your desire
  2. Putting together a believable, achievable plans to reach your goals
  3. And most importantly building you self-confidence until you feel 10-feet tall, bulletproof and completely unstoppable, join LifeWorks University and enroll in How LifeWorks 101