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December 8, 1959


I am an International Certified ThetaHealer® and I have practiced since 2013. I first discovered Reiki and during my journey to become a Reiki Master discovered ThetaHealing. I did complete my Reiki Master certification. However the results that I experienced personally through ThetaHealing were amazing. What was even more significant was that the changes that happened for me were noticeable to others to such a degree I knew that becoming a Certified ThetaHealer was my purpose. I am motivated to affect other’s lives the way mine has been affected. I love helping clients overcome obstacles and move forward in their lives and their businesses with a grace and ease brought through ThetaHealing.

I have completed a series of ThetaHealing courses including:

  • ThetaHealing Basic DNA
  • ThetaHealing Advanced DNA
  • ThetaHealing Dig Deeper
  • ThetaHealing Manifesting and Abundance
  • ThetaHealing DNA 3
  • ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy

I have successfully assisted clients in a wide range of results including releasing emotional trauma, removing fears and anxieties, increase of abundance and releasing core beliefs that have held them back. My clients have included Business professionals, Entrepreneurs; Stay at home Mom/Dads, other Holistic/Wellness Professionals and my ThetaHealing peers.