Sadly, most people don’t even read one book per year after leaving high school or college.

It has been said, the books you don’t read can’t help you.

Even for those who have discovered the world of personal development and have read some of the classic self-help books, they were likely read as if they are novels. This is completely understandable for two reasons:

1. They are often filled with parables and stories 
2. No one tells us there is another way

The other way to read them is as if they are textbooks. We read novels for enjoyment. We study textbooks to learn and hopefully with the intent to apply what we have learned.

Here at LifeWorks University, our instructors have taken the classic self-improvement books (both old and new) and created courses around them. They are our textbooks.

Not only do we help our students study the priceless lessons these books teach, we take it a step further, we meet weekly in live group video conference (which we call Labs) to discuss how we can implement them in our lives.

Below is the order we recommended our students follow:

YPS 101: Your Path to Success 101 – 1 hour.                                                                        You will learn your way around every aspect of our state-of-the-art Learning Center as well as how to take advantage of all of our resources to ensure your success.

HLW 101: How LifeWorks 101 – 4 weeks.
You will learn the LifeWorks Life Mastery System (based on Think and Grow Rich) and begin to develop a success plan for reaching all of your goals and making your dreams come true.

MLL101: MasterMind Leadership 101
You will learn how to lead your very own MasterMind team.

MLP101: Mastering Life’s Priorities – 8 weeks
You will learn the basics of how to improve in every important area of your life.

TGR101: Think and Grow Rich Master Class – 16 weeks.
You will take a deep dive into the hundreds of lessons this book has to offer that virtually every reader misses.

OTD101: Outwitting the Devil – 12 weeks
You’ll study this little known book that Napoleon Hill wrote in 1938 after publishing Think and Grow Rich which wasn’t published until 2011. It will increase the value of what you learned in Think and Grow Rich exponentially.

MKS101: The Master Key System -24 weeks
Even the most avid personal growth readers seldom have heard of this work. However, as you’ll find, it had a major influence on the life and success of Napoleon Hill. It will take your understanding of and ability to manifest whatever you want to a whole new level.

What you see above is but a fraction of our curriculum. And, what you see above will take you more than one year to complete. By completing these courses however, you will be light years ahead of even the most committed personal development devotees.

You will be transformed in ways you simply cannot imagine at the outset. 

If you are ready to get started click on the green button below and fill out our applicationIf you have questions click on the blue button and make an appointment with one of our staff. We will be happy to help you make the right decision for you.