Achieving Financial Success

Have you ever heard someone say, “J-O-B means just over broke”?

I am sure it is all meant in good humor, but it always concerns me that this fails to recognize, having a job
is the first level of financial success. Imagine the alternative, no way to put a roof over your head and food
in your stomach, or your family.

It is a well-documented fact that almost every great fortune began with a job, payment for services
rendered. It is also the backbone of entrepreneurship. So, if you have a job, are self-employed or own a
small business congratulations, you have Financial Security.

That having been said, it is the FIRST level of financial success, but it shouldn’t be the final one.

The second step of financial success is Financial Independence.

It is true that in the first step you are dependent on someone else to provide the paycheck. With Step 2,
you become independent of that job while remaining in the same lifestyle. Your income is no longer
“earned” income, it is passive income that is residual.

In this scenario nothing much changes in the way you live just in the way you derive your income to pay
for it. This level allows you to remain balanced in all areas of your life while having all of your time to
invest as you wish.

There is literally an infinite number of ways to create passive income. Yet, most people I’ve met have no
idea where to begin or even that it is possible.

That is why financial success is a major focus for us at LifeWorks University. We strive to help our
students generate passive income fast so they can buy their time back.

The third level of financial success is Financial Freedom. This is when you can go wherever you want,
whenever you want for as long as you want with whomever you want and do whatever you want.

Typically this would require more than most people are willing to commit to. The price is usually quite
high, but I believe virtually anyone can achieve it if they have a burning desire. In almost every scenario I
have seen that it usually requires one’s life to be out of balance, at least for a while, and for them to be so
far outside of their comfort zone they can barely remember what being comfortable feels like.

This is precisely why we created the Student Loyalty Program. It allows us redirect a large portion of the
University’s income to provide an ever-increasing passive, residual income for our students allowing
them, over time to enjoy Financial Independence and eventually Financial Freedom.

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