Welcome to LifeWorks!

LifeWorks University teaches success skills and strategies to students worldwide. Because we are web-based, students learn from the comfort of their own home, office or anywhere the can get an internet connection. We also help our students organize into small groups called MasterMind Teams. This provides a powerful way for them to help each other overcome obstacles and find the resources to reach their goals and make their dreams come true. 

And, we do this for about the price of a latte per day.
We invite you to join us:

Pamela Allen​

I joined Lifeworks University wanting to have an accountability team, and I got so much more. Since joining I have achieved things in my personal and business life that I never dreamed possible. I discovered that I was playing small. I have stepped outside of my comfort zone and finding that as a result of that my business is growing, my personal relationships are even better and for me even more important I am growing as a person. I wish that I had found Lifeworks University earlier in my life.

Marie-Claire Bourgeois

Using the LWU program and system, I have gained greater clarity on my purpose and goals. I have been able to: * better understand the areas of priority in my life, * allow myself to dream bigger, and * define and execute my blueprints. The LifeWorks tribe and my mastermind teams are now my new “functional” and supportive family that cares as much about me as I care about these wonderful like-minded, like-spirited and like-hearted people. With them, I am able to face challenges, brainstorm potential solutions and resources, and reach for higher goals. I now can’t imagine achieving my goals and dreams without my teams. With the support of my mastermind teams, my burning desire, my blueprints, and the growing passive income generated from the referral and the loyalty programs, I know that everything I dream and want is now possible. And I am very excited and grateful about that!

Amanda Johnson

Since joining LifeWorks University I have fulfilled so many of my goals and have completed many items listed on my blueprints. One major change for me is building my self-confidence and believing in myself. This has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and the ability to say, YES! I now believe that I deserve everything that my heart desires. I am helping others to realize this as well. I have obtained my BA Degree, became a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner as an energy healer, and coming up with new ways to help people in addictions. I have been stretched to levels I never thought possible because of the community of friends that I have here and then constant rooting and celebrating that we do for each other when we have reached another step of our dream life.